Since 1993


My name's Jabari!

First, some things.   I  most certainly do not have things figured out. Im sitting in a Starbucks I dont like having just worked a few hours at a very awkward time for very awkward pay- and while im thankful for being able to do work for currency Im left with this.. "eh".  i want to be more. I want to GIVE more. Back when I was cuddled up to mr. boopster (if that was his name) I bet I wasnt thinking i just couldnt wait until i was typing a blog on a coffeeshop with sore feet.  But here I sit. On the same ball as you, traveling just as fast as you, thinkin thoughts with my brain, hearing music with my ears, smelling the roast with my nose. And thats something.

Guess I'll get started on the rest.



About Kitchen Therapy

Sometimes I cook things.
I find the practice of preparing meals to be.. cathartic.  Pull these things together, add heat, (or  dont) and then magic happens. I evoke things in me. Sometimes I evoke things in others. Thats important to me.

Here, I’ll discuss the things I bring to plate- what goes in them and why and sometimes even where it came from. I’ll also talk sometimes about the ritual behind the cooking I do routinely. (note. I am using the word routinely EXTREMELY loosely.)  Stuff like making coffee, or my comfort food.

ALL of this in the journey away from the food that is fast. Because I think its important.

Join me?

About Terminal Wanderlust

Sometimes I go places.
Once, I traveled to Pittsburg. I rode in a car through a tunnel through a mountain over a giant metal rickety bridge with train tracks. I took photos with a tiny camera. I ate their food, I visited with their people. And when I came home I was.. a little invigorated?

Been hooked ever since.

So now I try to go on trips as often as I can. Little trips- short hops just to step out of what im used to and onto something different and walk THOSE streets for a bit. And maybe bring a little of that back with me in trinkets and photos and memories.

Join me?

About The Literary Coddiwomple

Sometimes I write things.
I started writing things in weird places a long time ago. Sticking things to hosts refrigerators, used pizza boxes. Other boxes. Whatever. This isnt the first time its occurred to me to write my stuff down cause ya know.. im hard headed. Maybe itll stick this time.

Im not sure how this will be organized. It’ll likely just be links to pages where ive written things in a non- blog form- I dont know, right now in my pj’s on my couch looking over the unorganized pile of my words on loose-leaf pages- Id just like for people to  know my thoughts ran deeper than social media would lead you to believe.

Read me.